IOT & Analytics

IOT & Analytics

As you know, IoT (Internet of Things) marks our everyday objects with machine-readable identification tags. Sensors can be combined with these tags to record information about everyday objects and their surrounding conditions. The same is true for various businesses that use advanced computers to track available inventory and resources and keep them at optimum levels, saving a lot of time and money.

This, coupled with the massive amount of data to be analyzed and derived, makes IoT a definite game changer by tracking multiple devices from a single source, huge time savings, and huge cost savings.

Our Key Offerings:

⇒   Sensor’s configuration over different IoT platforms

⇒   Integration with open source IoT platforms

⇒   Dashboarding, alert notifications & analytics

⇒   Digital twins*

⇒   Inventory & fleet management apps

⇒   Integrations using Mule ESB, MS BizTalk

Our expertise for IOT in the following industries:

⇒   Internet of Things for Gaming Industry

⇒   Internet of Things Application for Healthcare

⇒   Internet of Things application for Media and Telecom

⇒   Internet of Things Application for Real Estate

⇒   Internet of Things Application for Retail

⇒   Internet of Things Application for Manufacturing

⇒   Internet of Things Application for Automobile

⇒   Internet of Things for Education Industry