App development

App development

We have extensive experience and knowledge of information software and systems. Keep your company’s software and hardware technology from hindering productivity. Our consultants recommend and implement changes to make things better. We can help you with IT consulting from software management to data analysis.

Our primary responsibility is to ensure that our devices and programs are secure so that your personal information cannot be hacked or compromised.

Our Core Technology Consultancy roles are:

  • Software Implementation Consultant
  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Field Technical Consultant

System Integration Services

HOMS – TECHNOLOGY provides solution design service. This is a service that is particularly in demand from companies that have been selling unconnected products and machines for years to companies offering smart, connected products, often with cloud-deployed applications. 

⇒  Identification of business areas and operational goals.

⇒  Requirements Analysis.

⇒  Planning, design and implementation of customized application systems and information infrastructure.

⇒  Implement, extend, and customize ERP solutions for return on investment (ROI)

⇒  Integration of software and hardware components

⇒  Enabling complex computer networking

⇒  Enterprise Application Integration

⇒  Training and change management

⇒   Knowledge transfer

⇒   Ongoing systems and applications management and maintenance


HOMS – TECHNOLOGY Deployment Services are backed by a proven deployment infrastructure that ensures the right skilled engineer completes the installation on time and on budget. The result is increased availability so customers can quickly access newly installed equipment and software for a faster return on investment.

Identification of the business units and operational objectives.

Project Management: Our industry-certified Project Managers (PMs) will serve as your single point of contact and accountability throughout the entire deployment process for a truly seamless experience.

Site Preparation Services: We’ll evaluate your site’s power, structure, networking and cabling environment and make any necessary changes to ensure your sites are ready for installation.

Staging: Our staging professionals will assemble, load, configure and test all your hardware and software so it arrives on time and ready to install.

De-installation: We can de-install and dispose of your old equipment in compliance with the appropriate regulations and environmental considerations.

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